1. Responsible Agency

The agency responsible for the collection, processing and use of your data is biosaxony e.V., Tatzberg 47, 01307 Dresden, Germany. In this project, biosaxony e.V. collaborates closely with biosaxony Management GmbH, BIO-NET LEIPZIG GmbH, the business development departments of local authorities in Saxony (e.g. the Offices for Economic Development of Dresden, Radeberg and Radebeul as well as the Business Development Corporation of the Meissen Region and the WFS Saxony Economic Development Corporation).

2. General Privacy Policy

biosaxony takes data protection and data security for users of this website extremely seriously. Your personal data will only be collected, processed and used in strict compliance with data protection regulations, especially in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and the TMG Telemedia Act.

By accessing our websites, information may occasionally be automatically stored. This information cannot be traced back to specific individuals and is collected solely for statistical purposes. This non-personal information includes your operating system and browser, the quantity and duration of your visits to the website, your computer’s IP address, and the name of your internet provider. We guarantee that the aforementioned non-personal data will only be used for our own statistical purposes.

No personal data such as names, phone numbers or email addresses is collected when you simply access our website. Such data is only collected if you provide it voluntarily. You can withdraw your consent to the use of your personal or company data at any time without stating the reasons for doing so.

Any third parties commissioned to process data are contractually bound to comply with the relevant data protection standards and to keep this data confidential.

Should the collection, processing or use of your information be mandatory for legal reasons, it will still be subject to the statutory data protection regulations.

3. Nature, Extent and Purpose of Data Collection; Possible Disclosure to Partners

biosaxony e.V. will process and use the company and personal data collected to create a Life Sciences Atlas, and in particular make this data available on the internet portals ‘’, ‘’ and related regional portals. Furthermore, the data (both in its original language and translations thereof) will be used in not only electronic form but also printed matter (including industry directories for Saxony and/or central Germany, etc.) if biosaxony is involved as a partner of such literature.

Data collected may also be forwarded to the corresponding regional partners of biosaxony e.V. for similar use.

Apart from this, we will only use your personal data to meet legal obligations such as mandatory requirements to provide information to public authorities or courts, or for our own protection, for instance in defense against lawsuits.

4. Company Profiles

Data is stored in the form of company profiles on the respective websites and is also georeferenced. There is no automatic entitlement to the inclusion of your data in the Life Sciences Atlas, either on the internet or in printed form. Furthermore, biosaxony e.V. does not provide any protection against competition or exclusivity whatsoever. In particular, you are not entitled to insist that competing companies not be included in the Life Sciences Atlas.

5. Cookies

This website uses cookies to manage the website efficiently and improve navigation. Cookies are identifiers that may be sent to your computer by a web server in order to identify it for the duration of your visit as well as on your next visit. These cookies do not collect personal data. You can configure your internet browser not to accept any cookies or only to do so with your prior express consent.

6. Protection of Minors

Persons under 18 should not send us any personal data without the permission of a parent or guardian. We do not solicit personal data from minors. We do not knowingly collect such data and never disclose it to third parties.

7. Modification and Deletion of Data

If necessary, biosaxony e.V. will rephrase the data collected in the form before it is published in printed matter or on websites, albeit without changing its content. biosaxony e.V. also reserves the right to modify or delete incorrect or outdated information, including without your renewed consent.

8. Right to Correction

If your personal or company data stored by us is inaccurate or outdated, you are entitled to have this data corrected at any time. The best way to reach us for this purpose is by email at

9. New Technical Functions

If new technical functions are integrated into one of the websites used for data presentation (e.g. a new search form), your data will also be used in connection with these new functions. Your additional consent will only be required if the purpose to which your data is put changes as a result of a new technical function.

10. Security

Wherever possible, we take all possible state-of-the-art precautions which are necessary to protect your data against accidental and/or deliberate manipulation, from access by unauthorized persons, and against loss and/or damage.

11. Processing of Data in Other Countries

Since data on the internet can be viewed anywhere in the world, please note in connection with Section 13(1) TMG Telemedia Act that data may also be processed in countries beyond the scope of the European Data Protection Directive (Directive 85/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data).

12. Caution regarding Anonymous or Pseudonymous Use

Since data on the internet can be viewed anywhere in the world, the anonymous or pseudonymous use of your data by users of our websites cannot be ruled out.

13. Consent for Collected Company Data

You agree to the use of company data provided to the extent described for the creation of the Life Sciences Atlas, etc. In particular, you agree that your company logo (even if legally protected), other image and media data, your company name (which may also be legally protected) and other information provided by you on the websites specified in Section 3 as well as in associated printed matter (industry directories, location brochures, etc.) may be used by biosaxony e.V. and its regional partners specified in Section 2 in order to produce the Life Sciences Atlas and other industry directories. You warrant that you are authorized to grant these rights. You shall therefore indemnify biosaxony e.V. from all third-party claims arising from any ineffectiveness of these rights granted for which you are responsible.

14. Data Privacy Declaration of Contact Person(s) pursuant to Sections 4 and 4a BDSG Federal Data Protection Act

If personal data as defined by the BDSG Federal Data Protection Act is entered in the form, you declare your consent to the collection, processing and use of the personal data provided to the extent described. You are aware that the provision of the requested consent for the handling of personal data is completely voluntary and that you are free to decide about the extent of consent.

15. Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw your consent, this withdrawal may be sent at any time by email, fax or post to the following address:

biosaxony e.V.
CEO André Hofmann
Tatzberg 47
01307 Dresden
Fax: +49 (0)351 796 5610

Following withdrawal, the data concerned will be deleted by biosaxony e.V. without delay.

16. Scope of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to the websites at the URLs and and does not extend to other websites of other providers which are directly and/or indirectly associated with our website.

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